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519: Progressive Implodes on Paper While Attending World Economic Forum

January 16, 2017

I've got a lot I want to cover today. First, we'll cover the comments by Rep. Lewis about the legitimacy of the Trump presidency. I'm amazed how much latitude Lewis is given in the face of what is clearly an incorrect assertion about Trump. Apparently being a civil rights leader entitles you to make provably false statements about the president-elect and get away with it.

From there we'll cut to some clips of Bernie Sanders on the stump to save socialized medicine in America. If you listen to him tell it, Republicans are about to commit 20 million Americans to death. You and I know better.

As I've spoken about at length, the Republicans have no intention of repealing Obamacare. The best we can hope for is a less complicated and expensive system, but even that looks unlikely at this point. Everything you're seen from both sides is nothing but pure political gamesmanship.

Finally, I read an incredible article from a progressive attending the World Economic Forum this year. Reading the thoughts of a man who's coming to the conclusion that his entire philosophy on life might be wrong is fascinating. I want to share his comments with you. I think you'll get a kick out of it.



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