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Is it time to abolish the debt ceiling?

January 10, 2017

That's what Treasury Secretary Lew thinks. How sad is it we've come this far. Before 1917 ever single time Congress wanted to borrow money they had to approve the expense. This proved far too inconvenient, so they authorized the Treasury to borrow as much money as they needed up to a certain point.

Over the years our debt has ballooned into the trillions as Congress sees every new expenditure as an opportunity to buy votes. Someone is always looking for a handout and politicians are in the business of selling you your coat at an inflated price.

We're also going to play some clips of John Mccain and Lindsey Graham talking to Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. The fact anyone consults these two clowns on matters of state is scary. If you laid both of their foreign policy opinions down side by side, you'd notice neither one of them have been on the right side of history in the past 20 years.

Nothing is going to change until Americans become better educated. Knowing what's going on is not enough. Understanding is what's critical.


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