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Russian Hacking, Congressional Oversight, and Civil Deutsche Banke

It's the first show of 2017, and I've got more stories than I can cover in the meager hour we have together, so I've decided to focus on some of the most talked about yet under-reported stories in the headlines today.

You might wonder how anyone paying attention could be misinformed about the Russian hacking scandal, but it would seem the media either doesn't understand the story itself or is choosing to misrepresent the truth.

I'll dive into the specifics today with the help of Sharyl Attkisson and her piece from

10th Amendment Dinner

On Jan. 11 I'll be speaking and MC'ing the 5th Anual 10th Amendment dinner in Topeka, KS. If you happen to be in the area and would like to attend here's the link to get your tickets.

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What to Do About Aleppo

If you listen to the media today, you'd think the massacre in Syria is a result of American inaction. How anyone can say that with a straight face today is beyond me. The Syrian crisis is a direct result of our intervention in the middle east starting in Iraq. We created ISIS, and we supported them early on in the fight to take out Assad.

Now the middle east is on fire, and the same people who said we needed to fund ISIS are the same ones calling for more violence. I'm sick of the media treating these foreign policy baboons with kid gloves. Today I'm going to take them to task.

We're also going to talk a little about the vote today that will undoubtedly elect Donald Trump as our next president. The media, in typical fashion, is giving voice to the false idea that Democrats may have some chance of preventing Trump's assertion to the American throne. I'll put that notion to rest as well.

It's a full episode today. Glad to have you listening. Don't forget to subscribe and share!

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Ask Me Whatever You Want

It's AMA Friday. That means we're going to talk about the things important to you. Today we talk Bitcoin, Education, Economic Turmoil and much more. It's going to be a great show.



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Lindsey Graham Ready to Start another War

"Crippling sanctions" is the way he frames it but what Lindsey Graham wants is a war with Russia. Why might you ask? Because he wants to do the same thing to Iran and China and he feels they might not take us seriously if we don't get tough with Russia.

I refuse to believe Lindsey Graham is a moron. He may not be the sharpest pencil in the government drawer, but he's not an idiot. That means he's advocating for these abuses with the full understanding that they will lead to more destabilization and more war.

Today I also respond to some of the critics of my limited government position from yesterday.

Full show again today! Enjoy!


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You Cannot Have Liberty Without the Law…

...and the law must be enforced.

Originally I was going to title today's episode "Government's answer to everything is higher taxes, " but after finishing the show, I realized the real meat of the episode came after the break when we discuss a recent abduction in Mexico.

I know this is going to anger some listeners, but I've made a promise always to tell you the truth and never lie to you. Liberty and the laws are cornerstones or our freedom, and many people seem to think you can have liberty without any mechanism to enforce the law.

Today I'm going to challenge that belief and tell you why governments are necessary if we want to have any chance of living in a free society.


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Bob Murphy Talks Trump, Tariffs, and Obamacare

It's my great pleasure to welcome the legend Bob Murphy to the show today. He's and incredible libertarian mind and Austrian economist who's written several books including "Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action" and "Primal Prescription: Surviving the 'Sick Care' Sinkhole."

I wanted to get Bobs take on some of Trump's policy positions including tariffs, taxation, and deficit spending. Trump has proposed more than a trillion dollars in new spending while also expressing a desire to cut taxes. This has created an imbalance in the stock and bond markets as investors expect higher equity prices while at the same time looking for higher interest rates.

We're also going to talk about Obamacare. Bob is somewhat of an expert on the law, and I wanted to get his take a solution to the mess we're in now.

It's an exciting show and one you'll want to share.



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So the Russians Meddled in our Election, So What?

Apparently, some are shocked to find out the Russians played a part in the DNC hacking scandal and attempted to influence the result of the recent election. The media is beside themselves, questioning how this could happen and what should be done. Some are even calling for another election. So much for the peaceful transition of power.

Is this a shock to you? It shouldn't be. How quickly we forgot that just a few short months ago, it was discovered that our own NSA had been spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel by hacking her cell phone.

Every country does this to every other country. Need more evidence? Here are just a few of the elections we've meddled in over the last few years.

1. Afghanistan
2. Iraq
3. Egypt
4. Iran
5. Yemen
6. Syria
7. Libya

And those are just the ones off the top of my head.

To fake outrage at the Russian attempt to influence our election is hypocritical, to say the least. A little honesty would be refreshing.

Stay Thirsty!


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Your Questions Answered!

It's Friday, the day when we do our version of an open line free for all. It's the questions you want answered, and this is episode is a great one. We'll cover authority, regulation and what steps to take in 2017 to move the ball closer to liberty.

I also want to throw out a special thank you to all of you who listen each day. You make the show possible and you are the reason we continue to grow. This has been a great year for me personally and the show. I have you to thank for it.

All the best,


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Van Jones, Michael Moore and the Hypocrisy of the Left. PLUS!! My interview with Adam Carolla

If you can believe it, CNN has given the communist Van Jones his own talk show. Let's see how long it lasts. On today's show, I'm going to cover two interviews he's done. The first is with Michael Moore and the second is with an Ohio family of live long democrats that voted Republican.

You're going to see both how out of touch Democrats are and how hypocritical the progressive left can be. It's a barnburner that's sure to get your blood boiling.

Finally, I've got a special treat. It was my great pleasure to interview Adam Carolla about his new film The 24 Hour War, and I thought I'd take the time to share it with you at the end of today's show. Make sure you watch the film and if you think about it, you might send them an email or tweet and let them know you heard the interview and you'd love for Adam to come back on for a full show.

Have a great day!

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Government wants to GPS tag your Grandma

That headline is not clickbait. There is a new bill going through the House that would fund a program designed to tag those with Alzheimer's and autism with GPS locators. This is concerning for a couple of reasons.

Number one, there are already dozens of companies that compete in this space. Products range in price but are typically under 200 bucks. The second and more concerning issue is the fact that the program will be administered by the Department of Justice. What business does the Justice Department have in dealing with technology for the mentally ill? My reply? Exactly.

From there we'll talk about the "food insecurity" being felt on college campuses across the United States. Apparently young, able-bodied young adults attending college can't get a good meal. I'll tell you some stories about when I was young and poor. This is just another attempt by those in positions of authority to create further dependency.

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