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529: Is Trump’s Executive Order Legal?

America blew up this weekend when Donald Trump signed his latest executive order putting a temporary hold on all immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

The backlash as been predictably stupid. Senators, Congressmen and political pundits have taken to the airwaves to call this a "religious test," a "ban on Muslims," and Tim Kaine even accused the President of being racists.

The question you should be asking, and the one I will attempt to answer on this show is, is it constitutional? Does the president have the power to do what he's doing?

I think some of you will be surprised at the answer.


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528: Taxes, Tariffs & Fines

Last night I went out for ice cream. My wife and I do that some nights after the kids go to bed of course.

On the way home I ended up getting pulled over and was issued a ticket for nearly $140. I'll tell you the whole story on the show today, but it really got me thinking about the barriers governments throw up that keep us from getting ahead.

Today President Trump met with Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Great Britain and one of the things she remarked on was how she and Trump agreed that they want to make the issues facing average citizens at the forefront of the discussion.

What the Prime Minister and so many others in government fail to realize is THEY are the problem. It's not individuals or companies or even other nations who play the villain; it's our own politicians who always seem to hurt the very people they aim to help.

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527: Donald Trump and the Wall- Everything You Need to Know

There's been a lot of hype about this wall. Tensions are high. Mexican President Nieto recently canceled his trip to meet with Trump to discuss the future of U.S. Mexico trade relations. It's a sure sign more drama is to come.

But how exactly does President Trump intend to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? Can the President simply back out of NAFTA or modify the terms without consulting Congress? How much power does this guy have?

Today I discuss all of this in detail, and I think you'll find after we consult that pesky constitution that the president's power does have, it's limits. Of course, having limits on power hasn't stopped previous presidents from overstepping in the past, and with the House and Senate controlled by Republicans, I imagine there will be little pushback to the president's expansion of authority if he chooses to do so.

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525: An Inconvenient Sequel And other Leftist Shenanigans

If I had come out of a coma and saw the news headlines this week, I'd be convinced we'd elected a constitutional conservative or even a libertarian. I will admit that, with rare, exception President Trump has been on fire, tearing at the foundation of our largely unconstitutional central government.

But I offer a word of caution to my fellow liberty lovers that we do not fall victim to hero worship. Everything Trump has done up until now has been through the power of his executive pen. Does it bother anyone else that the executive yields the amount of authority he does? Much of it derived from the unconstitutional expansion by his predecessors. I hope we do not fall victim to the progressive mistake of championing the further expansion of that power.

I'm also going to expose Al Gore in his latest attempt to rewrite his historical predictions on climate change. It's amazing how little credibility a guy can have and still command so much authority.

Plus, wait until you see the fear and loathing at the DNC. The amount of white guilt in that organization is staggering. It's well worth listening to twice, so we did.



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524: Sean Spicer & Kellyanne Conway do Damage Control

524: Sean Spicer & Kellyanne Conway do Damage Control

My feed has been flooded with Republicans who, a week ago could not have been more critical of Josh Earnest and the White House, now defending press secretary Sean Spicer who chastised the media for lying WHILE LYING to the media.

I know our media is corrupt, and it's clear by any measure that they attempted to portray Trump's inauguration in the poorest light possible, but I find it inexcusable for the White House to then present its phony version of the truth.

For the last eight years, we've had an army of liberty activists checking the power of government. We had a counter voice to speak truth to power. I fear those voices may prove themselves to be nothing more than partisan hacks. Will liberties voice die out for the next four years now that Republicans have regained the House and the presidency? I hope not, but history suggests it will.

It's important we check our bias at the door when we evaluate the actions of our government and it is critical that he hold this administration equally accountable for it's decisions.


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523: Thoughts on the Inauguration

Donald J. Trump was sworn in today. Take just a minute and let that little nugget sink in. I'm not sure what to think about the entire thing. I like what I hear from his transition team about the significant cuts he intends to make to a variety of worthless and unconstitutional government money pits. But how much of it is real and how much is typical politician hyperbole?

Today I'll give you some of my thoughts on the inauguration, and we'll talk a little about the protests happening in D.C. and around the U.S.

I'm also going to tell you about the massive violation of your 4th amendment protection perpetrated by the Obama administration just before he left office. Let's just say any protection you thought you might have to unreasonable search and seizure just went right out the window.

It's a mixture of fear and cautious optimism today. I find myself conflicted.

Enjoy your weekend.


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522: The Cowardly Lion Calls for Troops on China Border

Even I thought Lindsey Graham wasn't stupid enough to expand his desire for conflict to China. I was apparently wrong. Speaking with Tucker Carlson earlier this week Graham called for sanctions on China and even troops on their border as a response to their previous hacks of government computers.

Is there anyone this guy doesn't want a war with? I doubt it, but if you're a former military man, someone currently serving or anyone who has known and loved a service member you need to watch this episode. Graham said something in his interview with Tucker that made my blood boil and I don't think anyone has caught it yet.

Men like Graham are a threat to the peace and security of the free world. I think Grahm is a coward and I call him out as one on today's show.

That and much more today, on The Jason Stapleton Program.


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521: MSNBC Reports More Speculation as Truth

One of the things you guys said you like the most are when I take progressive ideas and squash them using their own words. Yesterday I showed you how Chris Matthews took wild speculation from Rep. Maxine Waters and turned it into a legitimate story. Today I'm going to show you how Rachel Maddow can spin a story to make any attempt by Trump to de-escalate tensions with Russia look like he's being blackmailed.

It's just another example of how the media manipulates you to achieve the outcome they desire.

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