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525: An Inconvenient Sequel And other Leftist Shenanigans

January 24, 2017

If I had come out of a coma and saw the news headlines this week, I'd be convinced we'd elected a constitutional conservative or even a libertarian. I will admit that, with rare, exception President Trump has been on fire, tearing at the foundation of our largely unconstitutional central government.

But I offer a word of caution to my fellow liberty lovers that we do not fall victim to hero worship. Everything Trump has done up until now has been through the power of his executive pen. Does it bother anyone else that the executive yields the amount of authority he does? Much of it derived from the unconstitutional expansion by his predecessors. I hope we do not fall victim to the progressive mistake of championing the further expansion of that power.

I'm also going to expose Al Gore in his latest attempt to rewrite his historical predictions on climate change. It's amazing how little credibility a guy can have and still command so much authority.

Plus, wait until you see the fear and loathing at the DNC. The amount of white guilt in that organization is staggering. It's well worth listening to twice, so we did.



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